Quality Tree Care Solutions for Your Property


There are many reasons why you may consider tree removal for your property. You could be faced with a tree that is either diseased or dead and in either case a safety hazard to you or your neighbors. Gigi's Tree Care can help you make the best decision and the safest decision. Additionally, we offer discounts on tree planting with our removals and will offer a professional opinion of where to plant next.


Stump Grinding

Any kind of stump found in your yard will be ground down below the surface, creating a flat, safe, and picture-perfect lawn by Gigi's Tree Care. Not only that, but the absence of stumps will make it easier and safer for lawn mowing, gardening, and any other pruning or playing.


Tree Pruning

When you have low hanging branches or overgrown bushes that hinder garden work, enjoying the view from your window or even begin to rattle on your home in the wind, you know it’s time to consider tree pruning. Tree pruning is a popular service that Gigi's Tree Care can help you understand. It's more than just clipping branches, it takes a true understanding of every factor, including season, how much or how little to remove, and the reasons to consider pruning.


Tree Cabling

At Gigi's Tree Care we specialize in synthetic cabling, which is the act of securing flexible cables into the tree, removing stress and tension from the tree itself. This service is beneficial for anyone who has a tree they are worried about structurally or that has visible cracks or decay. If a tree happens to be near valuable assets this may also help to secure any loose limbs, ensuring a safe environment for your home and family.

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We don’t just chop down trees — we listen to our clients, assess each situation individually, and serve you with honesty and dedication.

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Count on our experience and expertise to provide you with careful assessment and thorough tree services in Ottawa.

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Serving Ottawa and surrounding areas since 2017. Gigi's Tree Care proudly serves our community with integrity and value.

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We are committed to treating each customer as if they were our family, making sure you’re satisfied with our work.

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Our goal is to deliver the best results in tree removal, pruning, and more—all at maximum value.

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